ProBuild Marine Epoxy Systems.

ProBuild Marine Epoxy Systems
High proformance resin specifically formulated for use with any of the following hardeners to produce the highest quality marine laminating system: Fast & Cold Weather Hardener, Medium Hardener, Slow Hardener, Tropical Hardener.

.UV Stabitized.

TCC 205 Laminating & Adhesive System

Epoxy resin TCC-205 with eather epoxy hardener TCC-102 or TCC-104 is a rigid epoxy system having low viscosity and a short pot life.

TCC 351/102 Surface Coat System

Epoxy resin TCC-351 with epoxy hardener TCC-102 is a brilliant white surface coat which provides a resilient first coat for laminated molds and models.  The viscosity of the resin and hardener are designed to be easly dispensed.

LUC-4105 Lowex Casting Urethane

SUPER LOWEX LUC-4105 is a riged urethane polymeric system developed to create a low exotherm, fast set casting system with "safety OSHA handeling" characteristics that can be used in same day tooling and reproduction applications.
Typical applications include: Prototype parts, Duplicating mandrels, Tracer models, Matchplate fixtures, Latex molds, Core boxes, Nesting fixtures, Vacuum form molds, Trim fixtures, Production parts, and Pattern and core duplications.

EL-323 TC Composite Tooling Compound

EL-323 TC COMPOSITE TOOLING COMPOUND is a new and improved material for the construction of tools, jigs, models and other tooling requirements.  This system saves a considerable amount of time and labor. EL-232 TC has a convenient mix ration (1:1 by volume).

Updated: 6/13/11

SC12657 5 Gal Resin Jug w/ Spout. We have these items marked at $8.50 ea. This can be filled from any bulk supply.